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Data Security in Healthcare

In 2015, over 500 people and a combined 112 million records were compromised during 2253 healthcare data privacy breaches. A majority of the breaches were unauthorized access or disclosure, while the next three most common types of breaches were hacking, IT incidents, and theft. More than 50% of healthcare consumers said that they would completely avoid, or at least be hesitant to use, health systems that had been breached. With these alarming trends, it is no surprise that the healthcare industry has become more stringent in terms of privacy regulation, such as HIPAA, which was designed to protect communication channels and individual health data in relation to patient confidentiality. Protecting patient data, as well as the organization’s reputation, extends far beyond just technology, but also requires organizations to have the right people strategies in place. Here are three key challenges that healthcare organizations face as well as recommendations to mitigate future threats.

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