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Case Study

Cornerstone Cloud Provides User-Friendly LMS for Cornell University

"And so I think that's really the value in it, that people have an easy way to get to the training that they've always wanted to do."
— Cornell University

Cornell University initiated a comprehensive search for its new Learning Management System (LMS). After looking at 400 vendors and products, the field was narrowed to 15 and then finally 11 candidates. At the end of the process, after an extensive demo and interviews with satisfied Cornerstone customers, Cornell chose Cornerstone.

Administrators were impressed with what they called a "robust system," but would users adapt to the new LMS? Happily, the learning team launched the new LMS and reported it was largely a "non-eventful event" because users flocked to the new system and began taking the training courses they needed. New employees were onboarded. Administrators now had access to new data beyond completion metrics so they could make strategic decisions.

Cornell's learning team said that Cornerstone Cloud's user interface won employees over with the platform's focus on learning and "one-stop shopping." No other websites or products are needed to complete training and onboarding. Cornerstone Cloud at Cornell University is a true enterprise system dedicated to promoting learning in a large, decentralized educational environment.

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