Cornerstone for Salesforce Datasheet
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Cornerstone for Salesforce Datasheet

To stay competitive in today’s business environment, organizations need to continuously deliver information and training about their products and services to their network of employees, partners and customers. As the only enterprise level Learning Management System natively-built on the Salesforce platform, Cornerstone for Salesforce harnesses the power of Salesforce to deliver the right training, to the right people, at the right time. Cornerstone for Salesforce delivers timely, context-relevant learning content to the Salesforce users who impact the critical drivers of revenue for your business- from your internal Salesforce users to your ecosystem of partners, customers, and more. Developed with both sales and service user populations in mind, our native learning application not only enables you to trigger training based on specific user actions within Salesforce, but also helps increase Salesforce adoption. Plus, with your learning data residing in Salesforce and available in real-time, leverage Salesforce analytics to gain actionable insights and tie learning outcomes to business impact.

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