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3 Benefits of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)


3 Benefits of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

JANUARY 07, 2019

Your employees are busy. They work an average of 47 hours per week, so it can be challenging to ask them to fit learning into their busy schedules. But skill development is a crucial part of any employee's workload. It helps them deepen their skill sets, advance their careers, increase their incomes and improve engagement. One study revealed that 40 percent of employees who get poor job training would quit within a year. Another study showed that 68 percent of workers say that development and training is the most critical workplace policy.

Employee learning can also contributes to your company's productivity. According to a study from the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce, a 10 percent increase in education levels in the workforce resulted in an 8.6 percent increase in productivity.

To ensure employees have the time or energy to find time for learning in their day-to-day, start by investing in a learning experience platform, or an LXP. This solution will not only give employees access to the courses they need to grow, but also make it easier to fit learning into their busy schedules.

First, What Is an Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

An learning experience platform is a tool your company can use to personalize learning for your workforce by showing each employee what courses to take, skills to learn and career development paths to explore in order to advance in their positions. With just a few clicks, they can log into the LXP and determine what training to do that day. Little by little, they'll be able to learn and become more productive in the workplace.

Here are some of the reasons that learning experience platforms are so effective when it comes to employee learning.

1) They Make Actionable Learning Recommendations
In an era when you can sign into Netflix and watch personalized recommendations, or listen playlists that Spotify has automatically curated for you, you may become frustrated if you don't receive that same level of personalization when it comes to your training.

An LXP can assemble personalized learning playlists for each employee using machine-learning. The recommendations are based on historical training data, employee profile qualities and their interests, so managers don't have to worry about manually recommending courses for them to take. This feature ensures they never hit a wall in their training, because the LXP will always recommend the next courses to try out and steps to take to deepen their skills.

2) They Provide a User-friendly Interface

Also like Spotify, Netflix and other content curators, LXPs are easy for employees to navigate. When they sign into the LXP, they are personally greeted and given the option to search through lessons, videos, blogs posts and other learning content. The system also allows employees to create their own playlists and include internal and external content to customize their experience.

In addition to providing content, moreover, the LXP is designed to track employee progress. Employees can see what training is past due, what is due soon, what is in progress and browse through curated top picks. A central dashboard shows them how many courses they have completed, how many learning badges they've earned and how many hours they've spent on courses. This reporting feature provides easy benchmarks for filling out their training timesheets, if required.

3) They Are Easy to Access Anytime and Anywhere

Mobile usage accounts for 69 percent of time spent on digital media, while desktop usage now makes up less than one-third of digital media time. Mobile usage will only contribute to grow, so it's critical that you reach your workforce on the device they use the most.

An LXP comes with a mobile learning app that employees can use anytime, anywhere. If they are at a conference and want to get some courses completed, or they have a few extra hours on a Sunday, they don't have to wait to be back at the office and on the network to learn. They can just log onto the app and start developing their knowledge instantly.

Are you interested in a learning experience platform? Do you want to increase your employee engagement and productivity while making learning enjoyable and easy? Contact Cornerstone today for a preview of our learning management software.

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