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The best recruiting tools put the candidate experience front and center


The best recruiting tools put the candidate experience front and center

SEPTEMBER 04, 2017

When HR recruiting teams hire the right people, they contribute to the success of their businesses and improve their bottom line. But if the candidate experience is negative, the best and the brightest may be dissuaded from applying to a company—even if they are great fits for the position.

In a competitive hiring environment, recruiters need to think about every potential obstacle for a candidate, and make the job application process as seamless as possible. Organizations cannot rely on legacy systems or old recruiting tools at a time when it costs six to nine months of an employee's salary to replace him or her. Recruiting teams must strive to hire the top talent every time, and encourage employees to stay at the company.

There are more than a few hurdles when it comes to making a seamless candidate experience: According to a survey of 1,000 job seekers, three out of five respondents said that job applications are more difficult to fill out than other types of applications. Sixty percent of those surveyed said they would quit an application if they came across a tech hurdle, 55 percent would stop if they could not upload their resumes, 44 percent would quit if they could not follow up on their application's status and 20 percent wouldn't complete the process if they couldn't do it on a mobile device.

The solution is to find great recruiting tools in the form of an applicant tracking system. In addition to making applicant tracking much easier for HR recruiting teams, ATS products also improve the process for candidates.

Here are a few ways that both companies and candidates can benefit from this software.

Engaging career sites

According to Pew Research statistics from 2015, 54 percent of U.S. adults have looked for job information online, while 45 percent have applied for a position online. In addition, 79 percent used online resources in their job searches and 34 percent reported that these resources were the most critical tool available. Online research ranks above research done through candidates' friend and family connections, professional or work relationships, and employment agencies.

It is crucial that a company's web presence is optimized for job candidates, because it is one of the most effective recruiting tools. An applicant tracking system can help businesses set up engaging, easy-to-utilize career websites that will take candidates through a step-by-step process and give them all the information they need to apply.

On-the-go access to search and apply for jobs

People are using mobile devices now more than ever to find and apply for jobs. According to Inc., 45 percent of job seekers will log onto their mobile devices at least once a day to search for jobs. In addition, the Pew study's findings revealed that 47 percent of job seekers say their phone is “very important" when it comes to searching for jobs. However, 47 percent of people also had trouble with mobile searching and applying because they could not properly display content on their phones.

An applicant tracking system is one of the most powerful recruiting tools today because it helps businesses optimize for mobile. Candidates will have no problem logging onto their mobile devices and applying for jobs easily and efficiently.

Self-service profiles

People are used to cultivating their image online. They set up LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles and reveal only crucial information about themselves. When it comes to the job search, they want to be able to do the same through self-service profiles.

With self-service profiles, candidates are able to go onto an applicant tracking system, fill out all their data, upload their documents and ensure they have successfully completed the application process. They are not left in the dark at any point in their journey. They can track their progress from the moment they find an intriguing position to the moment they hear back from their potential employers. A self-service profile makes the application process more enjoyable by putting the control in the hands of the candidates.

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