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How content curation can drive learning adoption


How content curation can drive learning adoption

MARCH 01, 2018

Traditionally, organizations have thought of themselves as owners of learning. However, because of all the changes occurring in the learning and development space, organizations must now transform into the strategic curators of learning.

Unfortunately, 75 percent of organizations are still teaching employees in a way that is outdated and ineffective, according to research from Bersin by Deloitte. These strategies don't actually enable employees to acquire the skills they need to improve.

Currently, the average annual turnover rate of employees is 19 percent in the United States, and it costs $4,129 to hire a new worker, according to the Society for Human Resource Management's 2016 report.

Organizations cannot afford to have disengaged employees or have employees quitting on them left and right. Instead, organizations have to restructure their learning and development programs to ensure that they are satisfying their employees' needs. One of the ways they can do this is by using the content curation capabilities of their learning management system.

What Is Content Curation?

A content curation strategy involves determining what content is relevant and valuable to a learner, and then curating it to fit their unique needs. It is much more effective than simply creating a ton of generic content and disseminating it to everyone. Organizations can use content curation tools as well as a content curation platform to carry out their strategies.

So, why use content curation in the first place? Here are three critical reasons why it's necessary in today's workplace.

1) It Empowers Employees

Today, learners want to be in charge of how, when and what they learn. In the past, employees had to attend a conference, training session or watch a DVD in the break room to learn. Now, they can do it on-the-go via their mobile devices. The learning power is in their hands.

Organizations need to catch up with these societal changes. If they can curate content based on learners' needs, then learners will be enthusiastic about increasing their skill sets. This is a win-win for both organizations and employees.

2) It Delivers Personalized Content

Personalization has taken over. Consumer companies are using big data to deliver customized content to their customers. Organizations must do the same with their learning content.

Studies show that organizations recognize the importance of personalization. According to the 2017 L&D Global Sentiment Survey, personalization or adaptive delivery was listed as the number one learning and development trend around the world.

By using a content curation platform, organizations can ensure that learners are only seeing content that is actually valuable to them and could help them move forward in their careers.

3) It's More Efficient

The volume of content available on the internet is unfathomable. Employees don't have the time or energy to sort through all of it to find what's relevant to them. In fact, a majority of employees can dedicate only 1 percent of their workweek to learning, according to Bersin.

Since content curation only shows employees what they need to learn, they won't have to waste time sifting through irrelevant information.

In addition to being more efficient for learners, content curation tools can free up time and resources for organizations as well. According to Bersin's report on the contextualization of learning content, L&D professionals are overwhelmed—they have to choose programs from more than 900 content distributors, and are spending $6.8 billion a year buying learning content.

Content curation tools can automate the curation process for employers and save them time and money. By shifting their focus to content curation, organizations and their employees will better be able to meet their goals.

Do you want to invest in learning management software that will let you curate content with ease? Learn more about Cornerstone's content curation solutions.

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