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How to curate an amazing learning playlist for work


How to curate an amazing learning playlist for work

AUGUST 23, 2018

Employees crave learning and development—they are motivated to gain new skills, get promotions and thrive in their fields. According to LinkedIn's Workforce Learning Report, 68 percent of employees want to learn at work and 94 percent of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career. The number one factor preventing employees from learning, however, is the lack of time they have to find relevant courses and learning material.

The solution? Learning playlists.

Learning Playlist: Explained

Content providers like Spotify, Netflix or Hulu suggest films, shows and songs to users based on their history of engagement. A workplace learning playlist is similar, but instead of offering entertainment, it serves up recommended eLearning content. Curated learning playlists create opportunities for employees to easily find and engage deeper with the content most relevant to them.

Curating a Learning Playlist

As a manager, you can curate an awesome corporate eLearning playlist for your employees, too (move over Netflix). You should include courses related to your employees' jobs, career goals and personalized learning styles.

To be effective, learning playlists should be sorted into content categories such as "First Time Managers," "Sales," or "Productivity" and populated with courses relevant to individual departments. A salesperson, for example, can then quickly navigate to the sales playlist, which is most applicable to her and engage with courses like "Sales 101: Appointment Making and Handling Objections" or "Selling to Different Customer Roles."

When it comes to sourcing content, a learning experience platform will be instrumental in helping collect data on your employees' content engagement patterns and developing personalized playlists based on their preferred learning styles. While some employees prefer short bursts of learning (also known as microcontent), others may opt for longer videos or articles. By applying insight from your learning experience platform, you can deliver the type of learning each employee craves.

Plus, some next-generation learning experience platforms can actually automate much of the curation process using artificial intelligence technology, taking the burden off managers or learning and development professionals.

Beyond your own materials, you can also collect eLearning content from a variety of sources like YouTube, CyberU, BigThink, BizLibrary, TED and MicroLearn. Continuity and cohesiveness are key—like a music playlist, your learning playlist should flow and pieces of content should be in conversation with each other. Vary types content, too! Mix media by offering a combination of videos, readable PDFs, audio and other formats.

Employees can also contribute to custom eLearning playlists and share their expertise with colleagues. For instance, employees can add videos from YouTube and e-books from to expand playlists, and add courses recommended by colleagues.

Now is the time to educate your employees and help them get ahead in your workplace and their careers. Start curating your custom eLearning playlists today.

Did you know that it's #OnlineLearningWeek? As part of the celebration, we're offering you and your employees free access to 20+ Learning Playlists, filled with over 200 courses curated by our Cornerstone team. They are available for this week only, so make sure you don't miss out. Start learning today!

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