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How to drive business transformation with an HR database


How to drive business transformation with an HR database

NOVEMBER 08, 2018

What if you could see skill gaps in your workforce, headcount trends, or a list of employee skills company-wide with just a click of your mouse? Centralized HR databases are bringing this kind of complete workforce oversight to HR professionals—spurring HR transformation and driving strategies for better people management.

In fact, survey data shows 50 percent of talent professionals and hiring managers think data is the top trend impacting how they hire—and 69 percent of organizations are building integrated systems to better process and analyze worker-related data.

A centralized HR database gives HR professionals access to employee and talent data in one self-service platform, allowing them to more easily carry through data-driven insights to daily tasks and future organizational goals. This kind of HR data system is driving transformation across industries by boosting productivity levels, improving people-based decisions and strengthening workforce reporting.

1. Increase productivity with employee data

Centralized employee data helps to simplify time-consuming administrative processes. For example, HR can automatically report on employee performance rather than having to meet with or collect information from individual managers.

Today's HR data systems also provide employees with a modern user experience that helps increase productivity. For instance, managers can use the system to provide employees with a clear, visualized set of tasks to complete. Then, rather than having to rely on a separate service, email or paper form, employees can check off completed tasks, log a training course they have completed or even submit a request for vacation time on the same system that their managers use. This type of self-service helps to free HR and the larger organization from tedious, resource-extensive transactional work.

2. Enable HR transformation with smarter people decisions

A centralized HR database provides performance metrics that can help HR professionals find ways to improve workplace conditions and boost team performance. With the ability to track employee skill gaps, for example, recruiters can make more strategic hires based on specific departmental or team needs. Skills gap data can also cue hiring managers to focus on specific areas of Learning and Development (L&D) to help address the gap with the existing workforce.

Data is also a critical tool for HR to oversee the career progression of employees. With accurate data on high performers and the resources to develop a future generation of leaders, HR managers can support promotions with data and fast-track star employees. on the other hand, if an employee is not progressing despite intervention and remediation efforts, data can support the difficult decision of firing.

3. Improve workforce reporting with modernized systems

A centralized HR data system not only enables HR managers to drive productivity and make better people decisions it also lends itself to better workforce reporting. More meaningful reporting can inform strategic approaches to talent management and help HR professionals make informed decisions that are supported by data.

For example, using talent and employee data, managers can create helpful reports about acceptance rates, skill gaps, payroll or possible compliance risks.

With accurate data on turnover, size, skill gaps and high performers, HR professionals can gain valuable insights they can use to increase productivity, revamp talent initiatives and improve reporting. The digital HR transformation is underway—is your business on board?

Employee data can effectively drive business performance by boosting engagement, encouraging productivity and improving reporting capabilities. Help your business automate administrative processes, centralize employee data and create a modernized, self-service experience with Cornerstone HR.

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