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How talent acquisition tools help recruiting compliance


How talent acquisition tools help recruiting compliance

MARCH 07, 2019

So you posted job listings on your company website and recruiting platforms and received hundreds of applications. You asked the candidates for sensitive information like addresses and phone numbers. After a round of interviews and deliberation, you found ideal candidates for your open positions, and collected their social security numbers so you could get them set up for taxes and benefits. Then, you had a data breach, and you realized that all that information was accessible to hackers. Now facing legal action and damage to your company's reputation.

This is an extreme example, but it does happen. According to CBR Online, in 2018, there were 945 data breaches and 4.5 billion records were compromised. Even big corporations are not immune; Facebook, Adidas and many others have been hacked in the last year.

The possibility of a data breach is just one of the many reasons why your HR team needs to be vigilant when it comes to recruiting compliance. But, no matter how much focus you put on recruiting compliance, if your HR department is using outdated systems, you are exposing your company to risk.

Here are five ways a modern talent acquisition platform ensures your company is always compliant:

1. It safeguards applicant and employee data

It is critical that you take the steps to safeguard your applicants' and employees' data, like social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, emails. If that data gets into the wrong hands, employees' identities may be at risk, their emails could be spammed or they could be sent harmful viruses. Along with the 945 data breaches in 2018, data breaches jumped 45 percent from 2016 to 2017, according to IdentityForce. Every month of 2018, at least one major company was breached, including FedEx, Panera Bread, SunTrust Banks and Chili's.

Talent acquisition platforms partner with reliable third party vendors who are responsible for holding and protecting your applicants' data ,so that you don't have to worry. Most of these platforms require users to come up with secure passwords and only allows access to the platform from secure WiFi networks, reducing the possibility of a hack.

2. It can help you write compliant job descriptions

Did you know there are many common phrases found in job descriptions today that discriminate against applicants with disabilities? The American's With Disabilities Act, signed into law in 1990 prohibits employers from including manual labor requirements for a job, among other things, unless absolutely essential.

A talent acquisition platform allows anyone in an organization to easily write and share job descriptions for review with the HR department through a single central portal. This cross-collaboration allows for multiple eyes to view and double check that a job description is accurate and legal.

3. It ensures you don't miss a step during employee onboarding

There are so many steps to onboard an employee—from putting together an offer letter to setting up trainings—making sure that you're compliant with every single one can be daunting. According to SHRM, 1 in 25 employees leave their positions due to poor onboarding. It's a red flag for an employee that a company is not organized and following the legal regulations. A talent acquisition platform takes employees and HR managers through step-by-step onboarding processes, including retrieving hiring paperwork and getting them set up with the IRS, benefits and more.

4. It automates employee compensation

According to Bonusly, 35 percent of employees report that they would look for a new job if they didn't receive a pay raise within the next year. Not to mention, not compensating employees fairly for their work is illegal. A talent acquisition platform automates employee compensation, letting managers see how much an employee makes, as well as his or her progress towards a bonus a raise. Instead of arbitrarily deciding who should get a raise at the end of the year or letting bias influence the decision, you can use your talent acquisition platform to ensure every employee is fairly and legally compensated for their work.

5. It delivers inclusionary content

A key part of talent acquisition compliance, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion initiatives, is making employees aware of biases they may hold and providing guidelines for how to act in an inclusive way. This is especially important when it comes to managers and executives, who make hiring and firing decisions that impact employees careers.

Talent acquisition software delivers diversity and inclusion content as well as anti-harassment training (which is required for anyone in a management position). The software will not only track which managers take the training, but ping them when it's time for a refresh.

To improve recruiting compliance, sign up for a platform that will automate your processes and reporting, freeing up time for you to focus on hiring the best candidates for the job.

Find out how Cornerstone's Talent Acquisition software can help keep your company compliant 365 days of the year.

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