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Strategic HR is working smarter, not harder


Strategic HR is working smarter, not harder

JULY 24, 2017

Today's human resources professionals are increasingly viewed as strategic business partners at their companies. The only problem? Even though they're expected to take on more impact-driven responsibilities, their day-to-day duties are still heavily consumed by administrative tasks.

HR professionals must determine how to automate their processes and reduce their tedious tasks. They can save time, money, and energy by investing in strategic HR and using human resources information systems (HRIS).

HRIS have proven to improve human capital management and people administration while lowering costs. According to Capterra, businesses with “best in class" talent management programs are 26 percent more likely to be utilizing performance management technology. Additionally, 75 percent of HR professionals use applicant tracking or recruiting software to boost their hiring process, and businesses with upgraded HR systems experience a cost savings of 22 percent for every employee.

If you are still using outdated legacy systems or spending too much time pushing paperwork, then you should consider HRIS. Here are five ways software can transform your HR practices and allow you to refocus on what matters the most: people.

Store employee data in one location

A major part of strategic HR is figuring out how to store all of your important information in one easily accessible place. Instead of having several different employee files on your computer or physical folders on your desk, you can use HRIS to keep data in a single location. The data will be captured and stored in a uniform way, meaning that you can scroll through and find what you need in minutes.

Make data-driven decisions with people analytics

People analytics, which involves analyzing data about your talent, shows you where you can make improvements in your workforce and gives you valuable insight into how to plan your workforce for the future. According to findings from Deloitte, people analytics is fast becoming a critical business function for HR planning.

From 2015 to 2016, the number of organizations performing multi-year workforce planning jumped from 38 percent to 48 percent, and the number using people data to predict business performance increased from four percent to nine percent. HR professionals are increasingly turning to people data to demonstrate the business impact of their efforts.

With HRIS, you can view the data, as well as create spreadsheets and charts to show upper management. Then, you can look at your best and worst performers and make critical decisions about your team.

If you have hundreds or even thousands of employees at your company, it's going to be extremely time consuming to run performance evaluations. By letting HRIS do it for you, you will automate this previously laborious responsibility and improve your workforce all around.

Empower employees to accomplish crucial tasks

Strategic HR doesn't just benefit HR professionals. It also simplifies processes for your employees.

Right now, you're probably used to employees emailing you for time off requests, or inquiring how many sick days they have left. If you use HRIS, you can save their time and yours through automation.

Your employees can log in to the HR programs and request time off, ask for sabbaticals and travel allowances, track their sick days, and create action items for themselves. They can also look at the bigger picture and track their career goals, as well as browse training options.

Employees who are engaged with their careers and their progress are going to positively contribute towards the growth of your company. When HRIS are coupled with interpersonal communication, transformational HR is in full effect.

Receive notifications about important tasks

You are constantly inundated with things to do. From dinging emails on your laptop and calls on your phone to the meetings you must attend with your leadership and employees, you barely have time to make written checklists and ensure you're completing all your required duties.

HRIS will keep you accountable and on track by sending you notifications when action is required on tasks. You won't miss another item on your checklist or HR event thanks to these platforms.

Sync with your legacy systems

Though you want to practice strategic HR, overhauling your entire HR system might take hours and hours as well as cost thousands of dollars. Instead, you can integrate HRIS, which will sync with your legacy systems automatically.

All of your past data will be transferred over to your new system, and you will be able to access it with a few clicks. There is no reason to clog up your computer with Excel spreadsheets anymore, because HRIS will take care of all of that for you. Software-enabled strategic HR will revolutionize your human resources department, and not only enable you to accomplish your current HR goals, but also reveal opportunities to go above and beyond.

Learn more about how technology can enable strategic HR with Cornerstone's HR Suite.

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