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Using the onboarding process to retain top candidates


Using the onboarding process to retain top candidates

AUGUST 30, 2018

An effective onboarding process doesn't just involve your new hires filling out legal documents and employee onboarding forms. The onboarding process is also critical for ensuring that new hires are fully integrated into your company, are comfortable performing their jobs and are put on a path for future learning and growth.

According to a study from the Society for Human Resource Management, new employees who go through a structured orientation program are 69 percent more likely to remain at the organization for up to three years. In addition, 52 percent of organizations report that effective onboarding strategies improve retention rates, and 60 percent said it improved time to productivity.

Want to ensure that your new hires are not only ready to be successful in their jobs, but are also armed with tools for continuous learning and self-improvement? Then make sure to keep your best employees #winningwithlearning by following these three steps for proper onboarding.

Load Up Your Career Portal With Tools

During the onboarding process and beyond, your new hires should have access to a career portal where they can login, see their employee onboarding status and get a handle on any other forms they need to complete or courses they need to take.

An effective portal should show their progress visually, so they can easily see what their next steps should be and complete each step thanks to a configurable workflow. A personalized welcome on this careers page is key, because it helps the new hires feel acclimated and part of the organization from the start.

Provide Learning and Development Opportunities

Learning and development opportunities need to be available to employees starting on day one, and a learning platform can be instrumental in automating a lot of course or material recommendations for workers.

Ideally, employees should be able to learn at their own convenience from multiple devices, and take courses from your organization as well as outside sources like TED, YouTube or their favorite work and skills-related podcasts. They should have access to colleague and mentor-recommended courses, and be able to share their own recommendations with colleagues.

Onboarding portals and learning experience platforms go hand in hand, so make sure there are paths in place connecting them to each other—if workers have access to the right learning and development courses early, they will be much more productive going forward.

Pair New Hires With Mentors

By the end of their first month on the job, your new hires should have already been paired up with a mentor. The role of this relationship is to give your new employees someone to talk to about their jobs, career paths and learning interests.

Urge employees to talk to their mentors in-person on a consistent basis, and urge mentors to check in on how their mentees are engaging with learning content via an online learning system. The mentor should empower the new hire to take on more tasks and pursue opportunities within the company even after the onboarding process is complete.

Be sure to also give your new hires access to information on upcoming company retreats, internal calendars, employee discounts and employee communication forums so that they get a taste of your company culture. It's the easiest way to get them excited about their new place of employment.

Are you ready to transform your employee onboarding process? Learn more about Cornerstone's onboarding and learning platforms here.

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