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An Engaging Employee Experience

Are your employees truly connected to—and engaged with—your business? In a perfect world, every employee is committed to your organization’s goals, is ready to go above and beyond in daily activities, and actively collaborates with other team members. Yet when it comes to employee engagement, there’s a big gap between perfect world scenarios—and the reality. A 2013 survey by Gallup found that a mere 13 percent of employees worldwide are fully engaged. Further, only a dismal 40 percent of employees know their organization’s strategy and priorities for success. That leaves more than half of employees not actively committed to making their organization a success—in essence, not engaged. Employees who aren’t engaged are less likely to be inspired by their work, more likely to job hop, and less likely to put in the discretionary effort—the “above and beyond”—that contributes powerfully to an organization’s culture, productivity, and bottom line. Case in point? Research shows that engagement directly aects performance outcomes: business units in the top-quartile of engagement have 21 percent higher productivity and 22 percent higher profitability. Yet fostering engagement isn’t as straightforward as sharing organizational priorities or offering annual reward lunches. Ultimately, nurturing engagement requires creating a powerful, positive employee experience, from day of hire to day of retire.

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