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Is Your Talent Staying or Going? The State of Talent Management in K-12 Today

What is the most important factor in student achievement? Your education team—teachers, staff, and administrators. This isn’t news for any district, yet finding, engaging, and retaining great talent in education is getting even more difficult. Just as enrollments are predicted to rise dramatically through 2019, 50% of current teachers will retire or leave teaching altogether in five to seven years. Twenty-percent of new hires leave within three years. Considering the national teacher turnover rate is now almost 17%2, and exponential numbers of Baby Boomer staff and administrators are approaching retirement age, K-12 districts are facing a growing talent crisis. Districts can’t control enrollment rates or budget shortages, yet they can control how they manage their talent. With so many challenges on the horizon, how districts recruit, train, manage, and promote their teachers and staff will affect retention, professional development, and of course, student achievement. In the coming decade, treating talent management as a comprehensive whole—known as strategic talent management—will be crucial to finding and keeping the best educators and administrators.

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