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The chit-chatty office neighbor, the disparaging boss, the personal space invader. When you work with a “toxic employee,” life at work becomes unpleasant for you and everyone connected to him/her. In fact, toxic employees make their co-workers 54% more likely to resign, which ultimately can cost three times more in hiring expenses. Using the power of science (data science to be specific), we've discovered how to spot the signs that someone you’re interviewing will become a toxic employee. (And don't be bashful about reading our full research report.) 

1. Your interviewee is a self-proclaimed “rule follower” 

2. They are overconfident about their technical proficiencies

3. They are perpetually late

4. They show a lack of dependability

5. They couldn’t care less about customer problems

6. They care more about the quantity than the quality of the work they produce