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How a Collaborative Learning Platform Brought a Global Business Together

For many children, a little extra attention and engagement means the difference between excelling in school and falling behind. In fact, students in...

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How an Applicant Tracking System Transformed Boston College's Recruiting for the Better

For many, landing a job at Boston College—a private-Jesuit Catholic institution located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts—is a dream come true. Having...

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Five Microlessons From Convergence 2017

After three days at Convergence 2017—surrounded by some of the most innovative and thoughtful HR and business professionals—our minds are filled to...

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ICYMI: Creating Moments that Matter at Convergence 2017

After a full day of networking, sessions and the return of rockstar Billy Idol on the first day of Convergence 2017, we began day two by talking...

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Here's How HR Leaders Are Addressing Talent Development During a Federal Hiring Freeze

An election year in the U.S. is an uncertain and transformative time for all Americans—but it's particularly impactful for HR leaders in government....

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Cornerstone Named One of the 2016 Best Workplaces for Women

We need more women in the HR technology industry. There are countless studies linking gender balance with increased performance, innovation and...