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Office Hours: 3 Ways Work Will Change Over the Next 15 Years

There's a widely-held belief that the more data your company has, the better. Data, the thinking goes, inevitably leads to insights about customers...

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Take It From a Futurist: How Chief Ethics Officers Should Approach AI Issues

In the near future, a new crop of leaders is coming to the C-Suite. Though the acronym will be familiar, the role of the CEO will soon be wildly...

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Three Things We Learned About Candidate Engagement at ERE's Recruiting Conference

Back in January at CES, we saw a preview of how new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning would have a profound impact on...

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A Word of Advice from a Learning Strategist: “Regularly Assess Your Technology"

At a recent Cornerstone Converge event, I had the pleasure of meeting many different types of clients; some who are new to Cornerstone, and many who...

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Office Hours: Your Company Needs Leaders to Become More Agile

The reward for enterprises that embrace digital transformation is higher than ever before. Constellation Research found that in digitally transformed...

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Learning Corner with Jeffrey Pfeffer: As AI Enters the Workplace, Organizations Have to Get Active

The general consensus is clear: automation is poised to transform (or disrupt, if you prefer) present work arrangements in profound ways. Where the...