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Your Compliance Training Is Outdated—Try This Modern Approach

Have you ever read “The Ethicist" column in the New York Times Magazine? It's a popular weekly column where readers send in their quandaries in the...

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3 Ways L&D Can Help Healthcare Organizations Attract and Retain Nurses

If you are in charge of HR for a healthcare organization than you've likely felt the pain of talent shortages.According to the American Nurses...

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The 5 Employment Laws Every Manager Must Know

Employment law is complicated and can have big repercussions for your company if employees fail to adhere to it—either out of ignorance or neglect. A...

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Fueling Professional Development with Personalized Learning

One-size-fits-all professional development never really fits all of the different “sizes" of workers in an organization. Seniority levels, job roles...

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A Look at the Numbers Behind the 31M+ Employees Learning on Cornerstone [Infographic]

In honor of Digital Learning Week Cornerstone is offering a sample of 150 modern eLearning courses for free from February 25 through March 11. ...

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Office Hours: How to Weave Learning into the Work Flow

A recent survey from Software Advice suggests that employees want three things out of their companies' L&D programs: shorter lessons, real-life...