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Talent Management

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Looking for Talent? You Can Find it in the Blue Ocean

Brace yourself. The talent war didn’t go away due to the pandemic. It heated it up. COVID-19 didn’t ease the skills shortage. It exacerbated it. As...

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Dear ReWorker: What Should I Consider When Hiring Remote Interns?

Dear ReWorker,We usually hire several college students each semester as interns, but we canceled the program this summer because everyone is working...

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Dear ReWorker: How Do I Successfully Communicate Policy Changes to Employees?

Dear ReWorker,With all the new laws, policy changes and recommendations lately, I feel like our handbook needs to be updated every three days. How do...

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Learning Corner With Jeffrey Pfeffer: COVID-19 Changes Everything—and Nothing—About Managing Workers

COVID-19 has seemingly changed everything. Many people who are lucky enough to have jobs work from home. Children go to school at home, with parents...

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In 2020, Let’s Debunk the One-Size-Fits-All Approaches to Success

This article was originally published on, under Jeff Miller’s Forbes Human Resources Council column. If you come in late, you’re lazy. If...

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Dear ReWorker: Is There Ever a Case for Rehiring Someone You Once Fired?

Dear ReWorker,We had a long-term employee who was unreliable—coming in late, calling in sick often, leaving early—who we eventually fired. Now, three...