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Benjamin Prinzing
Founder and President of Kadalyst

Benjamin Prinzing is the Founder and President of Kadalyst, a workforce health consulting company in Portland, Oregon. Started in 2008, Kadalyst helps employers embed a healthier workplace culture, improve employee health and at time, decrease preventable healthcare costs.

Benjamin is also a Board Member of the American Heart Association and the Worksite Wellness Summit chairperson. The summit is an annual all-day event held at the Oregon Convention Center, where industry leaders present on the latest trends and programs in worksite wellness, with nearing 400 people in attendance.

In addition, Benjamin is the co-founder of the Worksite Wellness Network (WWN), which is a local networking forum that launched in 2012, as an ongoing spin-off of the annual summit. The network meets bi-monthly to showcase local company's wellness programs, while helping members improve their own wellness strategies. There are over 300 members, representing over 200 organizations.

Benjamin’s passion for the wellness industry sparked after a colleague in 2005, passed away due to heart failure at age 38. Since then, Benjamin has been on a mission to drive meaningful engagement and outcomes for employers through his organization, while volunteering time to community-based initiatives like the summit and the WWN, to help promote the need for enhanced programming and local collaboration.