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Mollie Lombardi
Founder, and m.Research

Mollie Lombardi is a writer, thinker, entrepreneur, storyteller, and HR technologist.  And the founder of Founder, and m.Research.

Mollie has surveyed and interviewed thousands of organizations to understand how human capital management technology is enabling organizational success by improving efficiency, effectiveness and employee engagement. She has spoken around the globe to HR audiences on topics across the HCM spectrum, including learning and leadership development, employee engagement, assessments, workforce management, workforce planning and analytics, and the future of HR technology. She has authored over 100 research reports and papers, and her research has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, eLearning Magazine, CIO Magazine and other trade publications.

Prior to her current job, Mollie was Vice President, Workforce Management at Brandon Hall Group and Vice President and Principle Analyst, Human Capital Management at Aberdeen Group.