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3 Ways to Work Effectively with Freelancers

This is the third post in a series about how to thrive amid shifting workplace demographics. The U.S. freelance workforce is currently 53 million...

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Can Complicated Be Simple?

I have had an iPhone since the 3G.  I love the device.   Apple has made it easy to stay with them and they create great continuity in their upgrade...

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Why Business Schools Should Add HR to the Curriculum

Human Resources is likely not the first subject that comes to mind when you think of a business school education, but it's an increasingly important...

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The Power of Thinking Collectively in HR

You’ve decided that it makes sense to think of your HR team as a business. You’ve done your due diligence and asked your customers about their needs...

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Why It's Up to HR to Illuminate Company Culture

When picturing HR departments, most people think of compliance—not creativity. But that's a sorely outdated notion, according to Denise Domian, SVP...

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Bring on the Ping Pong: Why We Should Have More Fun at Work

Roll your eyes all you want at startup headquarters filled with ping pong tables and plastic ball pits, but there's reason to believe that silly...