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The future of work may promise a new kind of office created by cutting edge industrial design consultants eager to please the Millennial masses with beautiful co-working spaces, beer on tap and catered gourmet meals. But present reality finds many employees toiling in harshly lit cubicle farms or cramped home offices.

Still, some undoubtedly have it worse than others. Wired magazine recently solicited photos on Twitter of the worst workspaces. If you think your situation is depressing, these #saddesk submissions should cheer you up:

Wired via Twitter/@WhereToNowSound

Who needs privacy? Perfect for the employee who enjoys the scent of cardboard. 

Wired via Twitter/@dwightfriesen

This office has the trifecta of no windows, harsh fluorescent lighting and easy elevator access. 

Wired via Twitter/@SarahJ_ATL

Some employees are lucky to have a PC, even if it's still running Windows 98 and connected to a gargantuan monitor. 

Wired via Twitter/Tim F.

Workplace distractions are productivity killers. Imagine how jarring that industrial printer must be when it comes to life throughout the day. 

To view the full collection of depressing desk photos, visit Wired