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Cornerstone is proud to introduce HR Labs, a brand new podcast that tells the stories of leaders who have seen the importance of employee development firsthand. Hosted by our very own Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Heidi Spirgi, HR Labs will be a four-part series featuring executives who have mastered the art and science of development, despite challenging odds. Find it on Apple Podcasts and everywhere else you listen to podcasts.

On this week’s episode of HR Labs, we’re telling Dean Carter’s story. 

Dean Carter, Patagonia’s head of shared services for finance, HR and legal, has seen the evolution of human resources throughout his 20-year career. And while Patagonia is known for its exceptional company culture and much-lower-than-average turnover, Dean’s career in people development hasn’t always been surf sessions and highly motivated employees. Starting in 2010, he spent five years at Sears, where he served as Chief HR Officer during some of the company’s most trying times.

Carter had to navigate some rough waters that ultimately led to a sinking ship. But he emerged from the wreckage stronger than before and is now enjoying the flow of life at Patagonia. Throughout his career, Dean has remained an avid believer in the philosophy of development through action, whether it’s on a surfboard or in the boardroom—employees are motivated when they are actually doing.

On this week’s episode of HR Labs, host Heidi Spirgi will dive deeper with Carter about the details surrounding his work at Sears and the development lessons he’s brought with him to Patagonia.

Enjoy this episode of HR Labs below.

Image: Creative Commons