Compliance as a Culture Strategy


Compliance as a Culture Strategy

1 januari 2021

Compliance is an essential part of HR, but it is always the bare minimum and should be assessed and analyzed as part of an overall culture strategy. Issuing a policy that says "We don't discriminate" is not the same as a comprehensive inclusion and diversity program.

Following the rules and filing reports are just part of creating a work environment where compliance happens on the way to larger goals for learning, performance, and wellness. But since HR never has to make the business case for compliance, it can be a persuasive approach to larger culture initiatives.

In this on-demand webinar, we survey compliance issues, who they affect, and why it's essential to see compliance as a culture issue.

You will learn:

What compliance issues create risk for the organization
What compliance issues create risk for employees
Why people are the most important aspect of all compliance issues
When compliance problems are symptoms instead of causes
How to approach different compliance issues using tech, training, coaching and data
How to make compliance an effective part of a comprehensive approach to work culture and strategy