Giving Back to our Community with Cornerstone Cares

Heidi Spirgi

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Cornerstone

It’s been incredible to see people around the world step up to support one another during these wildly uncertain times. In my personal network of family, friends and colleagues, I've witnessed a profound use of empathy and caring for one another unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime.And in the extended community, I am impressed and grateful for the many organizations around the world who are stepping up to put humanity first. From companies that are offering supplies and manufacturing capabilities to those that can share their knowledge and resources, there is a tremendous amount of help and support being offered to local and global communities.

Here at Cornerstone, we work every day toward the mission of educating the world. That’s exactly why our team banded together to develop Cornerstone Cares, a free website filled with online learning content about topics that are exceptionally timely, critical and evolving day by day. We packaged together a wide-range of trusted and informative content about COVID-19 and infection prevention, working-from-home best practices and how to manage stress—a particularly difficult skill to practice right now. We also just released a dedicated set of training resources for K-12 teachers, who, for the first time, are urgently adjusting to online teaching models for more than 55 million children in the U.S. alone.

We realize that not everyone has had the access or opportunity to develop the skills needed to tackle the personal and professional challenges that lie ahead. We believe it’s incredibly important that we curate specific learning opportunities that deliver community value in an accessible way, and to do so in a variety of languages. Our resources are now your resources. The four playlists include:

  • A "COVID-19" playlist, which features information about infection prevention and control from leading health organization
  • A "Working from Home" playlist, which includes best practices for staying productive and motivated while working remotely
  • A "Mental Health and Stress Management" playlist, which features tips and techniques for effective self-care and promoting positive mental health
  • "A Teacher’s Guide to Online Learning," which includes expertly created training content to help K-12 teachers rapidly transition from a traditional classroom to an online learning model

So far, we’ve received incredible feedback on these offerings. Some of the amazing organizations we work with are sharing the playlists with their people to reinforce how they can stop the spread of COVID-19. Other organizations that are not accustomed to a remote workforce are using Cornerstone Cares to help their workers adopt virtual technology for the first time. And several global corporations are sharing the multi-language content with their teams in different countries.

Our global team will continue to update Cornerstone Cares with relevant courses and learning opportunities as this situation evolves. We are committed to supporting a stronger and more connected community as we venture through this unprecedented situation together.

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