Talent Grid: The Result of Sonar6 / Cornerstone Cross Pollination

Jason Corsello

SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, Cornerstone

When we acquired Sonar6 (now CSB – Cornerstone Small Business) earlier this year, we decided early on that it did not make sense to integrate their performance management software with Cornerstone’s applications, particularly because of CSB’s distinct design and approach. Instead, our goal was to "cross pollinate" some of the CSB team’s best ideas with the Cornerstone product team and vice-versa.

For many years, CSB has been delivering a functionality called "helicopter view", which essentially visualizes succession ratings across an entire organization and "slices and dices" that information very easily. Our CSB customers absolutely love the helicopter view, and we want to deliver that same great functionality to our larger Cornerstone enterprise and mid-size clients.

The result is the "talent grid." A new capability that is part of the Performance Cloud, the talent grid allows users to visualize their entire organization in a "x-box" (i.e. 9-box) grid to see performance and potential information. By leveraging the drop-down filters, users also can dynamically access different graphical views of the data.

We are finding that many of our Cornerstone clients are becoming more advanced in their talent management initiatives. The desire to visualize talent information and trends is not only important to HR but also to managers and executives. More specifically, companies want answers to their most important talent questions, such as:

  • Are their clusters of high performers based on function, department, location, etc.?

  • How are individuals trending over time regarding their performance and potential?

  • Can I see and filter the succession of all of my direct reports?

  • Is there a correlation between a team’s or group’s performance and their financial impact?

Talent grid is designed to answer these questions and many others relating to how individual, team, and group performance is trending over time.

This is one of many examples of collaboration between our Cornerstone and CSB product teams. Many other examples are coming soon, including social learning and performance capabilities in both the CSB and Cornerstone solutions.

Read our recent blog post for more about talent grid and other new capabilities launched as part of Cornerstone’s Fall 2012 product release

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