UK Regional Report: Addressing the Global Skills Shortage


UK Regional Report: Addressing the Global Skills Shortage

The new realities of work are creating long-term impacts — good and bad — for your organisation and people. The organisations that aren't struggling to navigate this uncharted wilderness succeed because they focus on developing the skills of their people. Learn how successful organisations worldwide use skills to ensure they and their people are thriving post-pandemic and how your organisation can do it too. Download this eBook to learn: How high-performing organisations are leading with skills The employer vs employee confidence gap The current state of skills development around the world Practical tactics from leading with skills and becoming an HPO

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Learning trends in the UK and EMEA

Learning and development (L&D) is on the rise globally. At Cornerstone, we’ve uncovered trends in learning content usage consumption of our customers – particularly focusing on the UK and EMEA. While some content topic themes are mirrored between the UK and EMEA, there are differences which tell a story of diverging paths – separate priorities possibly impacted by wider social, economic and political factors.

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