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Bright Horizons: Streamlining Cohort Management and Making Learning More Collaborative

Bright Horizons Family Solutions® is a leading provider of early education and preschools, employer-sponsored child care, back-up care and educational advisory services. Established in 1986, the organization is the only child care organization named to the “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” list by Fortune magazine.

Since 2010, Bright Horizons has relied on Cornerstone OnDemand’s unified talent management platform to help streamline the development, performance and succession of their 26,000 employees. Yet managing their approximately 50 a year or approximately 300 over the last 6 years training cohorts was still a challenge. “We run cohorts throughout the year, 20 alone in our early childhood education accreditation program,” said Stephen Quinn, manager of learning services systems at Bright Horizons. “But registration, tracking and other administrative tasks were still managed manually.”

In addition, while the company offered blended learning programs, the social and learning components didn’t create a structure that was conducive to driving learner engagement. “There was no direct connection between the curriculum pathway and the community,” said Quinn.

Why Cornerstone

In 2015, Bright Horizons built an internal pilot program for Cornerstone’s new Collaborative Learning solution. Designed to provide a more holistic learning experience, Collaborative Learning enables organizations to improve retention and engagement by facilitating learner discussions, infusing learning into the flow of work, and more effectively and efficiently running cohort programs. “The technology is catching up to what we’ve been doing for a couple of years,” said Stephen Quinn, manager of learning services systems at Bright Horizons. “Collaborative Learning is going to accommodate our existing cohorts, and because we’re saving resources, allow us to offer more programs, including a corporate director program and one for managers transitioning to directors.”

Bright Horizons rolled out the solution in the 4th quarter of 2015 and will manage all cohort programs directly through Cornerstone. Employees will also benefit from enhanced collaboration capabilities and a more organic way of communicating with their peers and instructors. “Collaborative Learning is going to improve both our user and instructor experiences. We’ve already received positive feedback on the new interface,” said Quinn.

What's Ahead

Streamline management of existing cohorts. Bright Horizons runs cohorts continuously to train their 26,000 employees. “We’ve always used cohorts, but Collaborative Learning is going to help us run them more efficiently. We’re really excited for that,” said Quinn. “Soon we’ll be able to allow employees to register automatically for programs. We can let the system bear the brunt of the work. This will help us save resources elsewhere, so we can in turn offer even more programs.”

Enable more organic communication and collaboration during courses. Previously, creating interaction between learning communities required a directive—instead of an organic, collaborative approach. “We would tell learners to read a blog post and engage with their peers by posting two comments, but it wasn’t a natural interaction,” said Quinn. “With Collaborative Learning, we’re going to be able to do that a lot more organically. We won’t be dependent on any workarounds. We expect a lot more organic participation from employees, and I think people will be more excited.”

Increase the number of employees accessing classes by 800%. Prior to Cornerstone, a mere 1,200 employees accessed our system. That number jumped to 11,000, an 800 percentage increase, Bright Horizons expects to see even more participation with the rollout of Collaborative Learning. “With Cornerstone, we’ve been able to expand our offerings beyond teachers to areas of our business that were under-supported. We now offer more career-oriented tools, including competency assessments, career profiles, succession planning and video training, to create repeat ‘customers,’” said Quinn. “We also complete pre- and post-competency assessments of everyone who enters a program. This allows us to measure progress and prove growth of employees who go through the programs.”

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Citadele: Investing in a culture of learning and individual performance management

Customer Story

Citadele: Investing in a culture of learning and individual performance management

Citadele Group is an innovative, full-service financial group for both private individuals and companies. The Group offers a complete portfolio of banking, financial and private capital management services in the Baltic states. Citadele’s mission is to provide more opportunities to its clients by redefining modern banking – it aims to change the meaning of current financial business with innovations and an outstanding client experience beyond the formal frame. With the goal of becoming the Baltic banking champion, Citadele offers multiple career paths and a variety of professional development opportunities for all its employees. Our new path towards ambitious and modern goals also demands a change within our employees’ learning and performance tracking model. Improved tools and solutions are needed to streamline Citadele’s employee progression processes across 37 offices. Why Cornerstone? Recognising that employees are its most valuable asset, Citadele made sure that employees are the top priority in the process of change. Bearing this in mind, Citadele had three key requirements during the search for its talent management solution: the system needed to be easy-to-use; it needed to have the option to involve employees in individual goal-setting; and it needed to track feedback on an ongoing basis and provide tracking for necessary compliance training. The system also needed to feature engaging and motivating content to help Citadele boost talent retention rates. After considering 20 other vendors, Citadele chose Cornerstone OnDemand as it ticked all the required boxes in terms of being both an established SaaS platform and a well-developed system that adhered to all of Citadele’s needs. After considering 20 other vendors, Citadele chose Cornerstone OnDemand as it ticked all the required boxes in terms of being both an established SaaS platform and a well-developed system that adhered to all of Citadele’s needs. The Results Increased productivity. Since implementing Cornerstone Performance, Citadele has seen an improvement in its employees’ performance. The simplified goal-setting, monitoring and continuous feedback system means that employees feel more confident and more motivated at work. That in turn has led to increased productivity levels. According to Citadele’s recent feedback survey, more than 95% of employees expressed satisfaction with the system. Streamlined performance processes. Before Cornerstone, all records regarding employees’ career, training, obligatory certifications and performance appraisals had to be integrated manually. With Cornerstone Performance, managers now receive detailed analytics at the click of a button, meaning that employee goals, training activities and tracking have become optimised and tailored to employees’ needs. Enhanced employer reputation. Citadele strives for the status of best employer in the Baltic region. Partnering with Cornerstone has helped Citadele to attract and retain even more talent in the industry Full compliance visibility. Compliance training was one of the key requirements for Citadele. Since implementing the Cornerstone e-learning module, the company is now confident that all its employees have the necessary training to meet the industry’s compliance requirements. Citadele is also able to successfully track completions in order to meet deadlines. Motivation and passion for learning. Implementing Cornerstone Performance has helped Citadele to significantly raise the ambition and motivation of its employees. Necessary changes in individual performance management have pushed Citadele forward regarding its learning culture. Since then, the company has selected Cornerstone’s e-learning as its next module, in addition to the already launched Cornerstone’s Performance Appraisal System. This will allow each employee to choose their most convenient way to learn, integrating learning into their everyday work.

Announcing the Convergence 2021 featured speakers: Dan Levy and Malala Yousafzai

Blog Post

Announcing the Convergence 2021 featured speakers: Dan Levy and Malala Yousafzai

We’re counting down the days to Cornerstone Convergence 2021. Get ready to join over 20,000 talent professionals on November 16-17 from the comfort of your laptop at this 100% virtual and completely free event. There’s so much to look forward to at this year’s event, but we’re especially excited to announce this year's special guest speakers, Dan Levy and Malala Yousafzai! Levy is an Emmy® Award-winning writer, actor, director and producer best known for his work on Schitt’s Creek. And Malala is the Co-Founder of Malala Fund, a recent Oxford graduate and a Nobel Prize laureate. To get you even more excited, here are two previews of their can't-miss Convergence sessions. Meeting the Moment with Dan Levy We give rise to our greatest work when we embrace the strengths that lie in our individuality and build a shared vision for something better. Join this session to hear Dan Levy share his personal journey of using creativity to overcome obstacles and Meet the Moment. Register to see Dan Levy A Moment with Malala What does it take to move forward in the face of adversity? To pursue a higher purpose, in spite of targeted violent backlash? When Pakistani education activist, Malala Yousafzai was just 15 she learned the answers to these questions as she recovered from an assassination attempt by the Taliban. Join this session to hear Malala share her story of personal resilience and collective purpose in driving global education for girls everywhere. Register to see Malala Even more excitement at Convergence 2021 The next year of work will be all about turning change into opportunities for everyone. Check out a sneak preview of just a few Convergence speakers and informative breakout sessions. Bold Thinkers Dealing with Microaggressions and Healing from Workplace Trauma – Featuring Minda Harts, CEO of The Memo LLC More Bold Thinker sessions led by Jason Lauritsen, Laurie Ruettimann, David Wilson, Josh Bersin and others. Customer Spotlights Delivering skills-first careers powered by AI – From Deutsche Post DHL and Alstom More strategies, tips and advice from the Cornerstone and Saba community in our Customer Spotlight track, featuring Dell Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, Nespresso, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and more. The Content Channel The World Premiere of Seat at the Table – A Cornerstone Original Series Other sessions focused on leading innovations in learning content from top providers such as Cornerstone Studios, TED, ITProTV and Mind Tools. Daily Keynotes Conversations with industry luminaries and Cornerstone executives about reimagining work and Cornerstone’s vision for leading the way. Join us at Convergence and Meet the Moment Convergence 2021 is your opportunity to get inspired, find “ah-ha” moments, connect with your peers and explore the future of work (and your role in it). As a talent leader, you're connecting what your people need to your organization's evolving goals so everyone thrives in this moment. We’ll see you there!

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