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これまでのLMSの一歩先を行く、次世代の人材開発プラットフォームで学びやスキルアッ プに変革をもたらします。

Edcast by コーナーストーンは、従業員体験における隅々まで網羅した他に類をみない革新的なプラットフォームです。従業員は、自分の能力開発をナビゲートして管理し、学習、スキル、キャリアモビリティなどを実際に実現 できるとは思っていなかったであろう快適なデザインにカスタマイズすることができます。

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Connect Live 2022: The key to unlocking the potential in everyone

Blog Post

Connect Live 2022: The key to unlocking the potential in everyone

For the first time since after Covid-19, we were able to hold our two flagship events in Europe – Connect Live in London and Paris. In both cities, the excitement was palpable. The large conference rooms were filled to the rafters with customers, who had come together to connect with peers and learn all about Cornerstone’s latest news and innovations. Not only that, but several of Cornerstone’s executive leadership team presented, including our CEO Himanshu Palsule, our CTO Karthik Suri, and the company’s Chief International Officer, Vincent Belliveau. An incredibly rare treat to get so many of our leaders under one roof!

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