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September 2014 Product Release: Mobility Made Easy

Reyhan Jhaver

Head of Product, Rallyteam

Today there has been a radical change in the way people work. The workforce has redefined where work is done and how business related content is consumed. This next generation workforce no longer needs an office environment to be productive. The availability of new devices and services are empowering the mobile workforce to work where, when and how they choose.

Empowering the Mobile Workforce

Our September ’14 Product Release delivers the technology that provides employees with the flexibility and mobility they desire. With the new features, organizations can maximize employee productivity, agility and job satisfaction.

  • Mobile Video Learning – Users can now launch and view video learning courses from their transcript on the Cornerstone mobile app, providing easy access to learning on-the-go, at the time and place that is convenient for users. Employees can now take advantage of downtime during travel, in between meetings, or in the evenings or weekends – dramatically increasing adoption and impact of training initiatives.

  • Mobile Single Sign-On – With SSO, users can now leverage their SSO username and portal information to quickly access the mobile app without the need for a password. Users can be authenticated using system credentials or network credentials that are validated against a client-configured SAML server, eliminating the need for multiple login information. This kind of behind-the-scenes enhancement is important for driving adoption and usage of mobile talent management tools.

Cornerstone Mobile Video Learning: access training anywhere, at any time, at the exact moment required

Learn more about Cornerstone Mobile and our September ’14 Product Release next month at HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.

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