Cultivate a culture of belonging

Help your people build better connections in the workplace through conversational learning about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the award-winning A Seat at the Table.

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About the series

The unscripted format of A Seat at the Table demonstrates how you can use honest conversations to unite employees in respecting and celebrating their differences. Each course is accompanied by learning activation materials to put learning into practise and help managers guide similar conversations, not if but when they arise.

Season 1 courses: Ageism, Asian stereotypes, Black Lives Matter, Depression, Disability, Mothers and fathers (gender equality), Pronouns (LGBTQ+), White privilege

Season 2 courses: Addiction, Anti-Semitism, Code switching, Imposter syndrome, LGBTQ+ pride, Neurodiversity, Non-native English speakers, Wearing hijab (Islamophobia)

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

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Cultivate a culture of belonging with conversational learning

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Cultivate a culture of belonging with conversational learning

People learn best from one another by actively engaging in sensitive dialogues and listening to different perspectives, even if they have different backgrounds and beliefs. Yet many organizations struggle with implementing diversity programs that successfully affect behavioral change and increase shareholder value. Research has shown that compulsory diversity training sometimes does more harm than good, resulting in hostility and resistance toward opposing views.

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