Small Business Learning Center: Tools, Training and More

Your Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet

Crowdfunding is an alternative way for small business owners to fund a startup or get ongoing operational financing. It is a great way for business owners to make quality contacts with people who may be interested in investing more money as time goes by.

What SBA Offers To Help Small Businesses Grow

The Small Business Administration is the arm of the federal government that specializes in helping small businesses to grow. The SBA offers many different kinds of services for small business owners who feel like they have nowhere else to turn.

Old Vans Are Dying, So Small Businesses Are Dying

Ever since the recession of 2008, small businesses have been unwilling to invest too much into their companies. This article gives a unique perspective on how the recession has made some business owners wiser with their money.

Virginia Small Business Financing Authority

The VSBFA was set up to help Virginia businesses to meet their financial needs and maintain strong credit ratings. The information here is specific to the state of Virginia, but there is plenty of good advice for businesses all over the country.

10 Extreme Bootstrapping Ideas

A small business owner is constantly looking for ways to save money on the costs of doing business. This list from Inc. Magazine shows business owners ways to save money that they may have never considered before.

Dan DeMeo's CAN Capital Reinvests Financing For Small Business

Forbes interviews one of the pioneers in small business finance. Along with explaining how his company helps businesses, Dan DeMeo also does a great job explaining how business investment really works.

Financing Options For A Small Business: Finding The Right Funding

Entrepreneurs often have no idea where to get funding for their business aside from the bank. This article gives plenty of options that small businesses can explore for funding.

Financing A Growing Business

This article from Wells Fargo explains small business funding from a bank's perspective. It also offers some good information on government funding options.

3 Ways To Get A Small Business Loan

Everything in the business world is based on negotiations. This is a guide on ways to put yourself in a position to negotiate a good small business loan from a bank.

How To Finance Your Startup Without Loans

Would you prefer to get your company off the ground without being in debt to a bank from day one? Then this resource will give some ideas on how to start your company without a loan.

How To Hire Your First Employees

When it comes time for you to bring employees into your small business, you may feel a little overwhelmed. This article offers some practical advice to help relieve your stress.

Starting A Small Business: Hiring Employees

There are a lot of things to consider when you start hiring employees for your small business. This article gives you a rundown on many of the steps you need to take to hire employees.

Hiring Your First Employee: 13 Things You Must Do

The business world is filled with contracts and all sorts of legal considerations. Here are the legal elements you need to consider when hiring your first employee.

Hiring Employees

Small business owners work hard to avoid upsetting the IRS for any reason. Here is what the IRS wants you to know about hiring employees for your small business.

5 Tips For Hiring Your First Employee

Small business owners can learn a lot from larger corporations. Here is some advice from Microsoft on hiring that first employee.

Six Rules Of Wise Recruiting For Small Businesses

An entrepreneur has to be aware of how the public perceives their business because that can affect their recruiting success. Here is some quick advice on how to lure good employees to your business.

What Is It?

Your local government can affect your ability to hire employees by creating laws that dictate hiring practices. This article gives a quick overview of how local laws can determine your hiring practices.

Small Business Strategies: Many Factors Weigh In Hiring

There are a lot of financial considerations a small business owner has to take into account when hiring new personnel. This is a good resource for explaining those considerations in detail.

Exit Strategy For Sputtering Startups: Get Aqui-Hired

This is an interesting take on the dynamic relationship between the buyers and sellers of small businesses. Perhaps your business could expand its staff by purchasing another company.

7 Myths About Small Business Recruiting

Job hunters always have misconceptions about small businesses and their hiring practices. This article attempts to put some of those myths to rest.

Decide Whether To Make Your Hobby Into Business

One of the dreams that drives many entrepreneurs is the lure of turning their hobby into a paying profession. This article will help decide if that is possible.

Want To Be Your Own Boss? Check Out 7 Tips For Starting Your Own Business

It is every entrepreneur's dream to be their own boss and call their own shots. This is a resource that lets you know how realistic your dream is.

Small Business 101: How To Get Started

New York City is one of the main financial hubs in the entire world. So it makes sense that The New York Times would have good advice on starting a small business.

Start A Small Business

The federal government and your state government will have a lot of paperwork for you to do when you start a business. This is what the state Of Delaware requires, along with some helpful resources as well.

Start A Business

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the advice. This is a simple but comprehensive resource on getting a business started.

Business Planning & Financial Statements Template Gallery

This is an extremely comprehensive resource for all of the forms you will need to plan and run your business. There are also templates for marketing and management planning as well.

Business Overview Template

Every small business owner should write a business plan, but it can be hard to decide where to start. Here is a template that gives a good start to your business plan.

Writing A Business Plan

This is a good resource for small business owners who have questions about business plans. This covers the how and why questions that go with business plans.

The Ultimate Guide To Business Plans

As the title suggests, this is an extremely comprehensive guide to writing and updating a business plan. Just click on the chapter buttons to get the information you need.

Writing The Business Plan

The state of Michigan offers some good advice on writing a business plan. There are links at the bottom of the page to follow to samples and templates.

Quick Guide To Long-Term Care Insurance

Business owners have to consider insurance for themselves and their employees. Here is a resource that outlines the benefits and challenges of long-term care insurance.

Six Alternative Tools For Small Business Collaboration

Small business owners are always trying to save money on communication. Here are alternative ways of communicating that can save your business money.

6 Tech Tools For Small Business Marketing

Technology is a great asset to the smart small business owner. Here are some tools that can help get your marketing message out.

Eight Easy Ways To Promote Your Small Business For Free

Free is a price that every small business owner likes. Here are ways to promote your business that won't cost you a dime.

Grow Your Small Business The Right Way

There is a right way to grow your business and a wrong way. Here is the right way.

7 Fast-Growing Franchises

Some entrepreneurs are looking for franchises to buy instead of starting their own businesses. Here are some franchises that have a history of growth.

How To Make Scary Decisions

Running and growing a business is not always easy. Here is how to handle some of the more intimidating decisions.

How Public Relations Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Every small business owner wants to be popular with the public. This resource shows you how to use public relations to get more business.

Start Your Own Business

This no-nonsense resource explains exactly how to start your own business. Some of the information is specific to England, but most of this is good information for any entrepreneur.