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People management for growing businesses

One tailored solution to help your organization adapt and navigate change while improving how your people learn, engage, and grow at work.

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You were meant for more than paperwork

Whether you're looking for a solution to free yourself from a manual, ad hoc process or want to switch to a partner who can help unify your people strategy, Cornerstone SMB helps businesses of every size with development-driven people management. Connect with your people wherever they are: in-office, remote working, or on the road.

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You’re in good company. Trusted by 1,000s of SMBs around the globe.

Our commitment to small and medium businesses

Cornerstone SMB is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the people development and management needs of small, medium, and growing businesses like yours. Today looks nothing like yesterday, but we're here to help your business thrive through change.

Ranked #1 by industry analysts and customers from around the globe

Ranked as the #1 leader in learning and people management because of our revolutionary product roadmap and vision for client success. See how independent analysts and trusted product review sites such as G2Crowd and Trust Radius rank us.

How to select the right partner for growth

Don't get stuck with a dead-end solution. Ensure you are evaluating vendors against critical criteria before you make your investment.

We're more than a product. We're your partner.

Cornerstone is a true partner for your business, meeting your people development and management needs today and scaling as you grow. We'll get you up and running quickly and make sure you're never without a safety net and community of peers.

Smooth and seamless implementation services

Cornerstone’s approach for implementation is validated by thousands of SMB customers who’ve found success with our products. We do the heavy lifting for you, quickly configuring up to 70% of the system. You’ll be set up for success from the very start.

Ready to free yourself from paperwork?

Talk to one of our experts on growing businesses about how Cornerstone can meet your company's specific needs for today and tomorrow.

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