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Cornerstone Recruiting

Discover, hire, and onboard extraordinary talent.

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Quickly connect the right people to their perfect role

Streamline your recruiting

Let's make your hiring process a lot easier — on you and your candidates. Streamline your recruiting workflows into on platform and quickly get feedback to make smarter, more collaborative decisions.

Attract the best candidates

Showcase your company’s culture, brand, and people with a tailored job site that attracts top talent.

Uncover your hidden talent

Sometimes the best candidates are right under your nose. Discover your untapped internal talent to increase retention and help them develop their careers and your business.

Get new hires up and running

Personalize the preboarding and onboarding experience so your new hires can be productive before their first day and hit the ground running.

Seamless feedback and recommendations

Help your hiring team quickly provide feedback and keep the hiring process moving. Comments are automatically captured and stored with candidate profiles.

Make smarter hiring decisions

With AI insights and prebuilt dashboards, you can link data and reports from across all your systems to help you make more informed hiring decisions.

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