Growth Edition Statement of Work
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Growth Edition Statement of Work

Cornerstone OnDemand Growth Edition Statement of Work

Price: 3,000 in local currency

Cornerstone will provide a consultant up to 12 hours. Client can select from the following activities:
  • Assist clients with creation of framework 
  • Explore best practice process design ideas in prepartion for setup
  • Understand client use cases and provide common configuration practices
  • Support Clients in trouble shooting issues that may arise during setup process
  • Provide examples of roll-out communications
  • Assist client with train the trainer training & roll out strategy

Total 12 hours to be used over a 12 month period. Sessions conducted via Webinar.

Summary of Work to be Completed:

  • Conduct project kick off to determine areas of focus
  • Coordinate regular meetings
  • Execute tasks as defined in the kick off
  • The total work effort may not exceed the total number of hours purchased above
  • Consultant shall not be required to work more than ten (10) hours per day or on any weekends or national holidays unless mutually agreed upon between Client and Cornerstone
  • All time shall be tracked in CornerTrac 
  • All Services are to be performed off-site unless mutually agreed upon by Client and Cornerstone
  • Any travel expenses incurred on behalf of the Client will be invoiced
  • Except where otherwise stated or agreed by the parties, Cornerstone's obligation to perform a Service expires at earlier of the completion of the Service, and 3 months from the Addendum Effective Date