SOW for GE Learning

Cornerstone OnDemand Growth Edition Subscription Agreement Order

SCHEDULE [1 or 2]


SECTION A: Implementation Services for the provision of a fully configured package of GE Learning Module:

Client will be assigned an implementation engineer for a total of 8 hours for the maximum duration of 2 weeks starting from the date the implementation consultant is assigned to the Client.

Implementation Services are conducted over separate steps:

1.     STAGE 1 (within 2 business days of completing Agreement):

Access to the Learning Module is provided to the Client with the following parameters:

  • Up to 3 administrator logins to add, edit, delete any personnel.
  • The Client is asked to activate the purchased GE Standard Learning Content via the bundle section of the learning product. With this simple two-step process, the content will be made available for review and can be assigned to any member of personnel once they are created in the system.
  • Ability to assign training courses to personnel.
  • Ability to build learning modules.

        NOTE: Standard Learning Content may include one of the following:

  • Within North America, the Skillsoft Gold Content Bundle; or
  • For other regions, the Cegos Content Bundle; or
  • JJ Keller Health & Safety Bundle; or
  • Cornerstone Compliance Bundle

In any case, the number of course will be at GE's discretion but will be provided to the Client at Stage 1 for review.

2.     STAGE 2 (commencing as soon as possible after completing Agreement):

(a) Discovery: Kick off meeting in which Cornerstone and the Client discuss outline of deliverables, including previewing resource resource requirements, time lines and milestones.

(b) Design of organizational structure (in the form of clear reports-to-relationships for all Subscribers). The Client will complete the upload file providing the relevant information on each Subscriber as prescribed below in Section B ("Subscriber Data").

NOTE: The Client will be required to complete a formal acceptance of the design of the organizational structure prior to Step (c) below. Changes to the organizational structure after such acceptance may incur additional charges.

(c) People Data Upload: Client's Subscriber Data will be added to Client's instance of the Learning Module. Client will be trained on the administration of the system. Errors and omissions in the Client Data identified during this stage that require additional support from Cornerstone, may incur additional charges.

MILESTONE: Configured instance of the Learning Module is now available for Client use.

‚Äč3.     LAUNCH (timing and definition is predominantly Client driven):

Training and Communication: Communication plan for the Client as agreed, including mapping out the Learning Module course allocation process, and launch. Implementation Services include up to one hour remote administrative training.

SECTION B: Subscriber Data (note that the titles marked with an asterisk * are mandatory)

Name* manager name*
employee id manager id
Email* Active
Login* tags 1-6
Position role category*
start date with company role type*
start date in current role


Except where otherwise stated or agreed by the parties, Cornerstone’s obligation to perform an Implementation-related Service expires at the earlier of: (i) acceptance of the Service by Client; (ii) Three months from the purchase date.