A Study Guide for the Best Talent Management Tools

Talent management is a term used to explain the function of managing employees, referred to as talent. This usually includes the act of recruiting, hiring, training, motivating and retaining talent for a company. Many larger and successful organizations usually have a well-built structure within their human resources department that utilizes talent management as a means to recruit and retain the best employees for their firm. Managing the different personalities and skill levels of each employee can be a creative balancing act that requires the help of sources such as software or talent management books that offer unique perspectives and approaches. Using software and other efficient and helpful tools for managing talent can help to enhance a company's human resources department.

Employee Hiring

  • Checklist for Hiring Employees – A detailed list of tasks that should be completed before, during, and after the hiring of an employee, including the recruiting process.
  • Guide to Writing Job Descriptions – Categorized job description writing advice including the different components needed to attract specific type of employees.
  • Identifying Your Hiring Needs – Help with determining the type of employee to hire as well as information on the different types of employees that can be hired.
  • Hiring Your First Employee – Tips that help companies follow employment laws when beginning to hire staff. This contains useful information for employers who may be just starting out in the hiring process.
  • Basic Hiring Information – Contains information that is necessary when hiring employees including payroll responsibilities and tax filing and records requirements.
  • Outside Agencies Simplifying Employee Hiring – The Oregon Small Business Development Center Network offers an article on how outsourcing hiring to an agency can benefit a company.
  • Laws Affecting Hiring Process – Offers links to helpful sites that determine the legal aspects of employment hiring. The laws focus on discrimination, immigration and civil rights.
  • Hiring Local Employees Abroad – Provides information on the ways that a company can hire local employees abroad when needed. This site covers how to follow the employment laws in foreign countries.
  • New Businesses Hiring Guide – Outlined information about employee recruitment, employment resources as well as tax incentives.
  • Interview Guide – A guide for hiring managers that conduct interviews including interview questions and what to avoid asking.

Management Training

Investing in Employee Development and Retention

  • Maximizing Employee Retention and Development – This article speaks about the separation of the movers and shakers and identifying an employee's potential within a company.
  • Training Offers a Return on Investment – Identifies the benefits that investing in employee retention programs can offer. Shows how this can enhance a company's profit as well as employee performance.
  • Why Care About Staff Development – Insight into the professional skills training benefits and how this can enhance a work environment as well as offer competent employees.
  • Turnover and Retention Reference – A report offering a list of publications as well as analysis of turnover and retention pieces written.
  • Employee Value – A viewpoint of the relationship between investment of employee development and employee commitment.
  • Human Capital Study – Employer value study that compared the investment in employee training and not investing in employee training. The outcome offers insight as to the commitment level of employees based on these benefits.
  • Employee Retention – Provides ideas on strategies to help retain employees and also shows the importance of employee retention in the workplace.
  • A Different Approach to Retaining Employees – Offering employee mobility analysis instead of trying to keep employees for life.
  • Challenges for Retention – Resource that provides information on strategies to attract, recruit and retain employees.

Human Resources Development and Management