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Convergence 2022: Limitless learning for a future-ready workforce

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Cornerstone Convergence 2022!!!

Those three exclamation points are an understatement compared to the excitement and energy that radiated from Resorts World Las Vegas last week. Back in person for the first time since 2019, from presenters to attendees, everyone had a glow about them. A chorus of “nice to meet you in person finally” and “it’s great to see you again” echoed across the event. Customers from around the world came together to connect with their peers and learn what’s new and exciting with Cornerstone.

Limitless possibilities

This year’s Convergence theme was centered around one word: Limitless. We chose this theme because we think it captures the new world we all live in. Let’s face it, things are a lot different than how they were the last time we were together. The way we work has completely changed. How we spend our time has changed. And what we want from the companies we work for has changed. But our collective purpose is still the same. We all still want to learn, grow and become our most extraordinary selves.

The great news is, this new world we live in has opened up infinite possibilities. New technologies, new opportunities and new perspectives have created a sense of empowerment and drive. When you couple this new motivation with the right tools and support, the possibilities are limitless. That’s where Cornerstone comes in. We are committed to creating technology that helps organizations and their people reach their limitless potential.

Throughout the conference, the Limitless theme could be seen in every room and around every corner. With more than 85 sessions with customers, product deep-dives and panels with some of the industry’s leading experts, Convergence 2022 was a wealth of limitless knowledge.

Limitless innovations – Cornerstone Talent Experience Platform

In his opening keynote, Cornerstone CEO Himanshu Palsule welcomed guests to the event and introduced everyone to the “new Cornerstone.” He shared our renewed focus on our customers (or as he calls it, our “customer obsession”) and provided updates on the company, new innovations and our vision for the future.

One of the most exciting announcements Himanshu made was the launch of our new Talent Experience Platform (TXP). Essentially, it’s a brand-new way to access all of the learning and talent management products on a single platform. What makes our new platform so special is that it’s now powered by new innovations that set Cornerstone products apart. Cutting-edge technology like AI, machine learning, skills ontologies and more. We call this innovation layer our “tech fabric,” and it blankets all of our solutions to make sure our customers can access data, insights and optimization like never before.

Another important aspect of our Talent Experience Platform is that it plays well with others. It already encompasses Cornerstone, Saba, SumTotal and EdCast products, but it also has a completely open architecture. This means customers can integrate any of the HR and business technologies they’re already using into TXP, even those from other learning and talent management companies. We’re competitive, but we’re not jealous! 

While our new platform is an exciting step into the future of learning and talent management, we are still committed to enhancing the products within the platform — the ones we are known for and the ones our customers have relied on for the past 20+ years.

Limitless love for our customers

We’re not just saying this, but we are obsessed with our customers. The entire reason we host Convergence is to celebrate you and provide a platform for learning, connecting and, of course, providing feedback. Making sure our customers have a voice at Convergence is critical, and a voice they sure had! We hosted more than a dozen customer sessions throughout the two-day event, and three incredible customers took the spotlight in Himanshu’s opening keynote to share their stories, including leaders from California Community Colleges, DaVita and Nestle — as well as Marc Ramos, the former CLO of Novartis, who is now the CLO of Cornerstone!

One of our favorite parts of Convergence is the annual RAVE Awards, where we select a handful of customers who did exceptional things with Cornerstone solutions. In a ceremony hosted by Toya Del Valle, our Chief Customer Officer, she awarded five North American customers with our coveted RAVE Award trophies. Read more about the winners here.

Limitless fun

And it wasn’t just sessions and keynotes that had our customers learning and having limitless fun at Convergence. There were the inspiring keynotes from Amy Pohler and Dr. Mae Jemison that enraptured the main hall with stories about their limitless successes. And when not in sessions, most of our customers spent their downtime exploring the aptly named Exploratorium. It was full of not just product demos with Cornerstone partners and experts but with Pac-Man, mini golf, VR, a floor piano, a swag store and more, the Exploratorium had something for everyone.

And what would Convergence be without a massive party?! In honor of our customers, we hosted this year’s Customer Appreciation party right downstairs at AYU in Resorts World. There were dancers, dragons, a live band, food from around the world, specialty cocktails and more! It was a beautiful display of colors, lights and entertainment, and we danced the night away under the Las Vegas stars.

Limitless support and excitement

We waited three long years for another live customers event, and Convergence 2022 was well worth the wait!

A big thank you to all our customers that made this in-person return a Convergence to remember. And we couldn’t have hosted such a great event if it wasn’t for our Convergence sponsors. Special thanks to Premiere sponsor Educe for their limitless guidance and support.

We don’t know about you, but we’re overflowing with excitement and gratitude. There’s inexplicable energy in the air, and lots of really amazing things coming to our customers in the coming months. Cornerstone is on fire right now, and we can’t wait to see everyone again next year! 

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