Cornerstone Create Tool

For many organisations, the money and effort needed to create customised content for their organisation goes well beyond their budgets. So they settle for off-the-shelf content that mostly gets the job done but really just leads to more training and higher costs later.

But with Create Tool from Cornerstone, your team can quickly customise Grovo courses or build, publish and manage training that is optimised to be relevant for your organisation.

This easy-to-use content authoring tool takes everything you and your team create and directly integrates it into your Cornerstone learning solution.

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Embracing the human touch: How Artificial Intelligence humanises the workplace

Blog Post

Embracing the human touch: How Artificial Intelligence humanises the workplace

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzworthy topic, and it seems everyone has an opinion about its impact on the workforce. We are now overwhelmed with articles, interviews, and tweets from personalities disconnected from technical reality and shamelessly drawing on images of competition and submission in order to generate ever more emotion and clicks. Amidst all the hype and sensationalism, the reality of AI's role is humanising work rather than taking it over completely. Let's explore the challenges and opportunities that AI presents in organisations, as these new tools have the potential to be more human-centric than we might have initially thought.

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