Innovation Fund

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Innovation Fund

The Cornerstone Innovation Fund is a strategic initiative created to invest in, advise, and collaborate with promising cloud startups building innovative business applications that support the continued expansion of Cornerstone’s market reach. Through its three programs, the goal of the fund is to foster the development of a comprehensive ecosystem of cutting-edge solutions for organizations seeking to differentiate and continuously evolve their talent management strategies.



The Cornerstone Innovation Fund’s accelerator partners with select entrepreneurs and offers mentorship and resources to support the development of new business ideas.

Light Bulb


The Cornerstone Innovation Fund’s incubator aims to stimulate continued innovation amongst the Cornerstone OnDemand team by supporting the development of employee ideas through the commitment of time, resources, and capital.

Money Bag


The Cornerstone Innovation Fund’s strategic investment arm provides promising startups with growth capital and advice to support their continued success. The strategic investment arm selectively funds a few companies each year with individual investments ranging from $250K to $1 million in size.

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