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Being a Cornerstar

We think that’s pretty cool. And we think it’s important, because that same spirit of collaboration and innovation, that same acute awareness that a few passionate people are capable of accomplishing big things and that small ideas can grow exponentially, lives on at Cornerstone today. We’re not a typical tech company (even with our foosball tables, complimentary food and generous stock options), because, well, our employees aren’t your typical techies.

Meet the people at Cornerstone

"If terabytes of data doesn't excite you
  I don't know what will."

Oren Goldfinger, Technology
"There's not a single person here who I wouldn't love
  to sit down and have a beer with."

Elvis Ha, Products
"I am constantly being challenged to learn and grow."
Jamie Stivala, Talent & Administration

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Building the most widely used cloud application in the world


Marching to global domination, one account at a time


Continuously leaking the best-kept secret in town


Balancing the budget and tracking our rapid growth

Talent & Administration

Cultivating top talent and empowering teams

Client Success

Helping our clients empower their people


Changing the way the world works


Building stronger communities one nonprofit at a time


Educating the World, one person at a time