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Improving Compliance and Competitive Edge

Engaging a multi-generational workforce through the power of pure cloud technology and services.
Financial Services

For modern financial services organizations, people are the key to better customer service, risk management, expansion into new markets, and a greater "share-of-wallet". Research from Bersin shows that companies with a mature people strategy, supported by technology, are 92% more likely to effectively respond to changing economic conditions, have up to 26% higher revenue per employee, and are much less likely to have to downsize.

Cornerstone for Financial Services enables strategic people management that drives success for financial services organizations of all sizes. With a unified and secure cloud-based application, Cornerstone empowers you to deliver an effective culture to hire, train and develop the very best people. Ensure strong sales, service, and compliance through world-class talent development.

With Cornerstone for Financial Services you can:

  • Foster a global standard of compliance and certification into a competitive advantage
  • Manage risk from business disruption through succession planning and leadership development
  • Reduce costs and complexity through consolidation of multiple learning and talent point solutions
  • Ensure higher business performance through the creation of a corporate-wide knowledge base

Recruiting Next Generation Employees

Source and select internal and external candidates with Cornerstone Recruiting.

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Onboard New Hires Effectively

Get every new employee and their teams started on the right foot with Cornerstone Onboarding.

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Meet Compliance Through Training

Deliver compliance training, developmental programs, and organizational training from Cornerstone Learning.

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Identify Key Successors from Within

Strategically plan for expansion and growth, or identify key successors across your organization with Cornerstone Succession.

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Encourage Pay-for-Performance

Get the most of your employees by allowing them to set goals, contribute meaningful work and compensated accordingly.

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Foster Collaboration & Contributions

Allow Cornerstone Connect to encourage collaboration and productivity amongst employees and add social elements to learning and performance.

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Financial Services Solutions
  • Recruiting Next Generation Employees
  • Onboard New Hires Effectively
  • Meet Compliance Through Training
  • Identify Key Successors from Within
  • Encourage Pay-for-Performance
  • Foster Collaboration & Contributions

Unified Talent Management for Financial Services

Cornerstone technology and services move financial organizations beyond just meeting today’s needs, to developing long-term, sustainable, successful and productive workforces. Cornerstone partners with financial services to deliver solutions that help leaders understand the skills, knowledge and abilities that each employee possesses so they may easily and effectively align organizational talent; execute training and learning initiatives to address any skills gaps; and measure and manage performance against organizational goals.

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