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Cornerstone for Healthcare

Improving Patient Care and Increasing Efficiencies

Cornerstone for Healthcare provides a comprehensive suite of talent management solutions for the successful recruitment, development and engagement of staff throughout your entire healthcare organization.

Healthcare organizations are being challenged to continuously improve service quality, the patient experience, and overall efficiency metrics, all while simultaneously facing reduced reimbursements, increased regulatory compliance, and an aging workforce in an extremely competitive labor market.

Furthermore, massive changes to the industry landscape are being driven by Electronic Medical Record (EMR) conversions, the impending ICD-10 cutover, and the Affordable Care Act's emphasis on HCAHPS scores and Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) models.

To meet these complex challenges head-on, many top healthcare organizations have turned to Cornerstone for Healthcare's robust set of products, services, and content solutions to equip their workforce with the knowledge, skills, and tools that are necessary to thrive in a changing industry.

Cornerstone for Healthcare Delivers Key Features to Meet the Unique Demands of Your Healthcare Organization:

  • Trust a best-of-breed, LMS platform which meets the rigorous security requirements necessary to host Epic Systems training courses and other EMR vendor content
  • Choose from a comprehensive LMS Courseware library of healthcare-specific courses from industry-leading providers, or easily create and load your own content
  • Manage and track staff certifications, licenses, and accreditations of key healthcare personnel
  • Utilize Applicant Management, Social Sourcing, Employee Referral and Predictive Hiring tools to identify, evaluate, and recruit top healthcare talent
  • Generate quick, accurate, and timely reporting to support audits, surveys, and regulatory processes by The Joint Commission, CMS, OSHA, ANCC and other healthcare agencies

Avoid productivity loss by effectively training for the transition to ICD-10.


Staff Learning & Development

Deliver required training and developmental learning to employees at all levels within the healthcare organization. Improve skills and compliance of operational and administrative staff, assist clinical staff in maintaining licensure with continuing education credits, and prepare high-potential employees for leadership and management roles with role-specific training.

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Bed-Side Competency Assessments

Track employee competencies and performance in action and in real-time at the bedside. Cornerstone’s Observation Checklist assigns validators or verifiers to assess competence or successful completion of tasks as employees are in the workplace. Training can be assigned based on assessment and competency scores.

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Reporting for Compliance

Accurate and detailed reporting across Cornerstone simplifies the readiness for Accreditation, Magnet Recognition, OFCCP/EEOC, Joint Commission and other governing entity requirements. Executive leadership finally have the tools to prepare for and meet industry regulations and mandates.

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CME, CEU & Community Training

Healthcare organizations create numerous unique trainings that can be leveraged in the community and by professionals in external organizations as well. With Cornerstone, you have the option to charge for these offerings and help defray creation costs, increase engagement in your patient community, as well as the ability to build and deploy certifications for visiting or contracted physicians.

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Accreditation & Skills Matrices

Visualize employee skills and competencies in one view. Cornerstone’s Skills Matrix delivers a comprehensive way for managers to fully understand the skills and potential of their teams. Have a complete understanding of staff certifications, licenses, credits, and accreditations.

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Applicant Sourcing, Tracking & Onboarding

Source, hire and onboard new employees for positions across the organization. Cornerstone Recruiting powers healthcare organizations to achieve true visibility across the entire talent acquisition process, making it easier to acquire the best talent. Strategically build and manage bench strength of nursing staff, administrative, and operational employees.

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  • Staff learning & Development
  • Bed-Side Competency Assessments
  • Reporting for Compliance
  • CME, CEU & Community Training
  • Accreditation & Skills Matrices
  • Applicant Sourcing, Tracking & Onboarding

Observe and Measure Competencies
and Performance in Real Time, On the Job

Cornerstone's Observation Checklist assigns validators to assess employee competencies and verify completion of tasks. Preceptors can observe critical tasks as they are performed in real time, to better deliver relevant feedback, gain insight into competency levels and ensure overall patient quality of care. Development plans and recommended trainings can be assigned based on skill assessments and competency scores.

With Cornerstone's Observation Checklist, You Can:

  • Replace inefficient, paper-based processes, and give validators the ability to evaluate clinical skills at patients' bedsides
  • Standardize competencies and increase transparency by ensuring employees across the organization are evaluated by the same criteria
  • Tie competencies and recommended trainings to overall performance evaluations
  • Apply healthcare-focused competency models, which measure employee skills and performance against industry best practices and governing agencies' requirements
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