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ICYMI: June Brings the Heat to Work Life

Cornerstone Editors

Editor's Note: In today's fast-paced news cycle, we know it's difficult to keep up with the latest and most impactful trends and stories. Our ICYMI series aims to help you stay informed and in the loop from your workplace or remote work station.

There’s no other way to say it: June 2020 has been a month—one defined by social activism and growing demand for lasting change in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion in this country, and in the offices and boardrooms of corporate America. The impact of this moment is history is so profound it’s spread globally.

Here are some headlines that promise to set the tone for the future of work for years to come:

The United States Supreme Court declared a historic victory for LGBTQ employees now protected by law from workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Demonstrations broke out nationwide following the deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Ahmaud Arbery in Glenn County and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. As calls for equality and peace rang out in the streets, renewed commitments to corporate diversity, equity and inclusion reverberated around boardrooms and company all-hands Zoom meetings. And, companies across sectors observed Juneteenth—most for the first time. The Black Lives Matter movement truly became global.

Communities around the world are entering reopening phases that include bringing people back to offices—at least, in theory. In the U.S., the government is considering offering "back to work bonuses" to entice workers to return after socially distancing and operating remotely for months. It remains to be seen whether or not this measure will help shift work back to workplaces.

As organizations continue to shift their business operations in response to COVID-19, HR and executive leaders are adopting innovative their recruiting strategies —with methods like curbside job fairs and virtual onboarding sessions over Zoom taking the place of in-person campus visits and conference room interview cycles.

There’s been a great deal of focus on the public health crisis facing the world, but a second powerful crisis is brewing: the immense strain on people’s mental health as the coronavirus and its impact to our personal and professional lives continues. Business and HR leaders are now faced with a challenge: how can companies provide safe spaces for employees to discuss mental health struggles without stigma?

Prepare Your People and Your Organization for the Future

These and other articles clearly demonstrate that today looks nothing like yesterday. What we thought of as "the future" has become the now. The world changes fast, and if you're bound by what worked yesterday, you can't move forward and adapt to today. Learning is the key. When you learn to unbound from what change has made obsolete, you can thrive, now and forever.

To help prepare for what's to come, we've joined forces with our clients, partners, and industry experts to provide resources to survive these times, rebound from the effects of this change, and thrive in the future. Access them here.

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El departamento de IT, el aliado perfecto para su analítica de RR.HH.

Publicación de blog

El departamento de IT, el aliado perfecto para su analítica de RR.HH.

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