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Cornerstone for Business Services

Improving the client experience through empowered employees

Manage talent to ensure that customer experiences, brands, and employee knowledge remain consistent, connected and current

In today’s business environment, business services providers face a significant economic challenge: grow the business while improving profitability. To meet this challenge, providers must proactively develop and increase the readiness of their employees. Cornerstone for Business Services can increase profitability, reduce inefficiencies, and improve the retention of profitable customers.

Cornerstone for Business Services empowers professional services organizations to successfully measure and manage talent to ensure that customer experiences, brands and employee knowledge remain consistent, connected and current.

With Cornerstone for Business Services you can:

  • Deliver skills and compliance training to all employees from a single, unified platform -- at a fraction of the cost of conventional training
  • Know whether training initiatives are working by tying them to employee performance and company profit
  • Develop diverse, engaged talent communities to enable consistent and meaningful collaboration
  • Align individual employee goals with company objectives to ensure consistent, unified vision and purpose across your organization

Unified Talent Management for Business Services

Cornerstone’s technology provides business service organizations the tools and resources they need to meet client expectations and create sustainable, successful and productive workforces. Cornerstone is the only pure cloud-based unified talent management solution delivering software and services the improves every aspect of the employee experience. Cornerstone partners with business services firms to deliver solutions that help leaders understand the skills, knowledge and abilities that each employee possesses so they may easily and effectively align organizational talent; execute training and learning initiatives to address skills gaps; and measure and manage performance against organizational goals.

Cornerstar Stories

192 countries
40+ million subscribers
43 languages
"We saw future stability with Cornerstone for Saleforce."
Cameron Sparks, Director of Training, Boosterthon
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"The Cornerstone system is dynamic and has the functionality and capabilities that meet our needs."
Mattson Hill, Director of Prometheon Services of Organizational Capabilities
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"Cornerstone allows our employees to have a voice in their careers, and we’re encouraging them to have one."
Nina Ramsey, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources, Kelly Services
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"Rather than dreading that performance review with their manager, they are finding it fun."
Lisa Byrne, Learning and Development Manager, Capita PLC
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"With PiiQ Performance, I can problem solve, help managers and produce reports in minutes."
Suzi Paese, HR Manager, TAS
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"We're seeing a massive savings in review cost per employee."
Amy Gray, Office Manager, Cassin and Sons
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