How Cornerstone integrates GenAI to power your future of work

Hitesh Dholakia

GVP, Engineering

Generative AI (GenAI) is rapidly advancing, making breakthroughs at an unprecedented pace. AI continues to revolutionize various industries, with an expected annual growth rate of 37.3% between 2023 and 2030. The breathtaking rise of Generative AI further compounds the urgency, as a new class of knowledge workers is now at risk of displacement. The Future of Jobs report forecasts that over 60% of workers will require retraining between now and 2027, but only half have access to adequate training opportunities today.

We are excited to share that the esteemed Craig Weiss Group has named Cornerstone a leader in AI. This recognition further validates our commitment to innovation and excellence in the AI space.

Cornerstone aims to empower people to be their most extraordinary — at work and in the world. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn and advance in their careers, irrespective of their background or circumstances. GenAI aligns perfectly with our mission by providing a wide range of knowledge captured and modeled by LLMs in a flexible content format that makes learning and information accessible to all.

While we develop AI-enabled and AI-native capabilities, we have invested in extending our existing Intelligent Tech Fabric (ITF) with GenAI. Combining the power of Cornerstone Data, knowledge graphs and finetuned LLMs will provide unique differentiation.

The following serves as our comprehensive strategy for AI, outlining how Cornerstone is harnessing the potential of GenAI to empower organizations and individuals in the ever-evolving world of work:

Our key differentiators

1) Market leadership and scale

Our commitment to innovation and anticipating customer needs positions us as the market leader in HCM. With an expansive reach, we dominate existing markets and strategically explore emerging ones.

2) Big data is our strength

With 125M+ users, content interaction every 3 seconds provides us a massive advantage over competitors. Our advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities set us apart. We leverage comprehensive data to provide personalized solutions, giving our customers a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

3) Setting the standard for compliance and trust

Compliance is ingrained in our products, making us the trusted choice in regulated industries. Our commitment to exceeding standards solidifies long-term partnerships and makes it challenging for clients to switch to less compliant competitors.

4) Progressively finetuned LLMs

Our Large Language Models (LLMs) evolve with the linguistic landscape, adapting to language nuances through continuous learning. This adaptability enhances user experience and futureproofs our products against linguistic shifts, providing a sustainable competitive advantage. We will also use multiple LLMs to take advantage of special use cases and efficiently use tokens to reduce costs.

5) Focus on responsible, ethical, explainable AI

GenAI provides unique challenges, and we have invested in solid architecture & platforms to ensure our customers can trust our AI. We have invested in minimizing/mitigating hallucinations, acknowledging inherent biases in LLMs, and building mitigations against these.

Transforming workplaces with GenAI

Our innovation and dedication to excellence in the field led us to be named a leader in AI by the Craig Weiss Group. With a focus on market leadership, data-driven differentiation, compliance, finetuned LLMs and responsible AI, we are poised to shape the future of work.

To learn more about how Cornerstone can transform your organization, we invite you to schedule a demo and explore the possibilities firsthand.

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Die Zukunft der Arbeit transformieren: die Rolle von Cornerstone und GenAI


Die Zukunft der Arbeit transformieren: die Rolle von Cornerstone und GenAI

Die generative KI (GenAI) entwickelt sich rasant und erzielt Durchbrüche in beispiellosem Tempo. KI wird auch in Zukunft zahlreiche Branchen auf den Kopf stellen, mit einer prognostizierten jährlichen Wachstumsrate von 37,3 % zwischen 2023 und 2030. Mit dem atemberaubenden Aufstieg generativer KI gewinnt diese Entwicklung zusätzlich an Brisanz – einer neuen Klasse von Wissensarbeitern droht das berufliche Aus. Laut dem Report Future of Jobs werden bis 2027 über 60 % der Arbeitskräfte neu geschult werden müssen, aber nur die Hälfte von ihnen hat aktuell Zugang zu angemessenen Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten.

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