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Adapt your people. Accelerate your business.

Prepare your organization for the new organizational currency — skills.

Product highlights include:

  • Skills Profile and Capabilities Library – early adopter: Have more confidence in your talent data and continue to leverage skills with access to that data in the Capabilities Library. For the employee, this early adopter release introduces multiple ways to assess their skills, request ratings, and manage their results. The organization will benefit from improved rating templates and reporting capabilities.

  • Improved learning assessment experience – beta: The learning assessment experience enhances learners’ new ability to see the real-time status of questions, filter their question list, and easily jump to any question. Admins now have full control over assessment visibility with additional reporting capabilities to drive better insights.

  • Advanced organization planning: Futureproof your business with advanced org planning and modeling. Visualize headcount, budget, performance, structure, and more in real-time to model potential changes and adapt your workforce to meet strategic objectives.

  • Share anonymized candidates with Hiring Manager: Reduce bias from the hiring process by enabling recruiters to anonymize all personal candidate information when requesting Hiring Manager feedback. Recruiters can get unbiased observations about a candidate’s skills, experience, and certifications.
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