Cornerstone OnDemand Unveils Enhanced Social Sourcing for its Award-Winning Recruiting Cloud

October 5, 2012

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Cornerstone OnDemand Unveils Enhanced Social Sourcing

for its Award-Winning Recruiting Cloud

New features empower talent acquisition teams to expand their reach via social networks and employee referrals, improving their ability to find the best candidates for the right roles

SANTA MONICA, Calif., October 5, 2012Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ:CSOD), a global leader in cloud-based talent management software solutions, today announced significant enhancements to its award-winning talent acquisition solution, the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud, that make it easier and more efficient for organizations to tap into social networks, as well as their own employee base, and find the very best candidates for the right roles.

“Research shows that while organizations invest more in traditional recruiting methods, nearly half of positions are ultimately filled by other means such as internal candidates, employee referrals and social networking sites,” said Adam Miller, founder and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand. “We believe these latest enhancements to the Recruiting Cloud will help companies expand their reach and significantly improve their ability to identify, attract and engage the right candidates. This includes sourcing both internal and external talent, as well as tapping into the personal networks of current employees, to find applicants with relevant skills and experience.”

New Recruiting Cloud features include:

  • Social sourcing, which allows recruiters, employees and candidates to share jobs across hundreds of social networks, online communities and job boards. Recruiters and hiring managers also are able to automate and track the publishing of jobs, as well as segment, target and reach specific audiences by the types of social media they prefer.

  • Job matching technology suggests contacts for specific jobs based on social profile information, significantly improving the ability to identify, attract and engage the most qualified candidates, especially passive job seekers.

  • Employee referral capabilities help to engage employees at every level of the organization in the recruiting process, making it easy for them to initiate referrals and use their social networks to spread the word. And automatic tracking of referrals ensure that employees can get recognized for their contributions.

The Recruiting Cloud integrates with Cornerstone’s comprehensive talent management software suite, giving talent acquisition teams and hiring managers better insight into internal candidates and existing talent pools. Cornerstone’s solution also is typically deployed across the entire workforce, making it even easier for companies to engage employees in the talent acquisition process.

“The 2012 Candidate Experience data validates that candidates understand and leverage social media for their recruiting efforts,” said Elaine Orler, Talent Board chairman and founder and president of Talent Function Group. “The job seeker currency is changing from the historic resume to dynamic profiles maintained in channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Organizations need to continue to incorporate the social platforms into their recruiting efforts to increase their chances of finding the right individuals for their companies.”

Cornerstone OnDemand is a platinum-level sponsor of the Talent Board’s second annual Candidate Experience Awards (the CandEs). Founded by the industry's leading authorities on the candidate experience, the CandEs are designed to recognize organizations that produce outstanding candidate experiences. The program consists of three survey rounds that capture and evaluate employers' recruitment processes and practices through the entire recruitment cycle and candidate experience. The results will be presented at next week’s 2012 HR Technology Conference & Expo, October 8-10 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

During the HR Technology Conference, Cornerstone (booth no. 409) will showcase the Recruiting Cloud in a comprehensive demo session, open to all conference attendees, scheduled for Tuesday, October 9 at 10 a.m. in Demo Room 2.

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