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Enable partners, customers and external stakeholders with extended enterprise training

Easily deploy organizational training to external stakeholders, so that you can engage your audiences, remain top of mind, and ensure adoption and compliance.

Personalize learning portals for all of your channels

Reduce manual efforts to deploy extended enterprise training. With a robust learning management system, customizable training portals, ability to monetize training and certifications, and trackability of training completion, you can more easily ensure engagement and compliance among your stakeholders, and have your product or service remain top of mind.

Enable stakeholders on Salesforce communities

As the only native enablement solution built on, Cornerstone for Salesforce allows you to offer training and just-in-time enablement within Communities so your product can be top of mind with stakeholders. Drive customer, partner, member, and external stakeholder enablement, and even monetize training, all within the workflows.

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