Learn from our past to prepare for your future

The H Files goes back in time to explore history’s most fascinating triumphs (and avoidable mistakes) to show today’s professionals how to put these valuable history lessons to use.

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About the series

You can always learn from history. The H-Files takes fascinating stories from history and uses them to teach timeless lessons in general project management skills and leadership. This innovative and multi-award-winning series helps today’s professionals learn from the past.

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H-Files: 불확실성을 통한 선도

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How to make learning work for everyone: Cornerstone wins at the Telly Awards

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How to make learning work for everyone: Cornerstone wins at the Telly Awards

Everyone learns differently. No matter the size of your organization — from 10 people to 100,000 — you’re faced with the same dilemma, how do you ensure your learning solutions can work for everyone? That’s why Cornerstone Studios creates a variety of series types. The more options you have, the more people you can serve. And their great work of providing outstanding learning options to our customers was just recognized with three Telly Awards!


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